Our wealth management service provides holistic advice on pensions, investments and inheritance planning for private clients. All of our advice is given within the framework of a financial plan tailored to your specific needs.


We have over 35 years’ experience and the technical expertise to provide the best pension solutions for your future.

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We manage over €500 million in diversified global portfolios tailored to your investment objectives.

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Inheritance Planning

We provide a range of Inheritance Planning products to transfer your assets to the next generation in a tax-efficient manner.

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fees & charges

When arranging pensions, investments or other financial portfolios, we charge a percentage-based fee. We may charge an initial fee for arranging the portfolio and an annual fee for monitoring it and meeting you for regular reviews. Our fees are disclosed in line with regulatory requirements. When providing consultancy services we charge an hourly rate agreed in advance.

Clinch Wealth Management Commissions and Fees Document – August 2023

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